Jams & Jellies

On display in the Pavilion. Exhibits include Pickles, Sauces, Chutneys, Relish, Jams & Jellies.


No.Class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
9001Bottle or Jar Sweet Mustard PicklesMeredith RoddenJanet Rebbeck
9004Pickles, other than specifiedEunice CreedJanet Rebbeck
9006Bread & Butter PicklesJanet RebbeckJanet Rebbeck
9007Bottle Tomato SaucePaul AndersenKathy Harrington
9008Bottle Plum SaucePaul AndersenLauren Murray
9009Bottle Sauce A.O.V.Paul AndersenMeredith Rodden
9010Bottle Apple ChutneyPaul Andersen
9011Bottle Fruit ChutneyMeredith RoddenLauren Murray
9013Bottle Tomato RelishMeredith RoddenRobert Folkard
9014Bottle of Relish, any varietyPaul AndersenMaureen Rath
9015Peach JamMeredith RoddenPaul Andersen
9016Plum Jam (dark)Meredith RoddenPam Swinfield
9017Plum Jam (light)Jennifer Behrendt
9018Strawberry JamPaul AndersenIngrid O'Connor
9019Apricot JamZara PodmorePaul Andersen
9021Fig JamIrene DunnMolly Ann Barton - jones
9023Blackberry JamPaul Andersen
9024Tomato Jam (any flavouring)Paul AndersenMeredith Rodden
9025MarmaladeMeredith RoddenMeredith Rodden
9026Jam, other than specifiedJennifer BehrendtMeredith Rodden
9027Collection of Six Different JamsEssence of Kangaroo ValleyPaul AndersenMeredith Rodden
9028Apple JellyPaul Andersen
9031Fruit Butter, any varietyPaul AndersenJoan Bray
9032Collection, Pickles, Chutney, Relish and SaucePaul AndersenEssence of Kangaroo Valley
9033Pantry Collection, to include any 10 preservesLauren Murray


No.Class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
9001Bottle or Jar Sweet Mustard PicklesKangaroo Valley OlivesLindsay Redman-Bottle Or Jar Sweet Mustard Pickles
9002Bottle or Jar Pickled OnionsJoanna Stirling
9003Bottle or Jar of Pickles (clear)Leigh Paton (holt)-Jar Of Pickles
9004Pickles, other than specifiedMeredith RoddenMeredith Rodden
9006Bread & Butter PicklesJanet RebbeckChristina Maguire
9007Bottle Tomato SauceJoanna StirlingKerry Townsend
9008Bottle Plum SauceKerry Townsend-Asian Plum Sauce
9010Bottle Apple ChutneyMeredith Rodden
9011Bottle Fruit ChutneyMeredith RoddenGerald Poelzl
9012Bottle Tomato ChutneyMeredith RoddenKangaroo Valley Olives
9013Bottle Tomato RelishIrene DunnKate Britton
9014Bottle of Relish, any varietyMeredith RoddenGerald Poelzl
9015Peach JamKiri Krauth-Peach JamLauren Murray-Peach Jam
9016Plum Jam (dark)Lauren Murray-Blood Plum JamIngrid O'Connor
9017Plum Jam (light)Rachelle Potter-Mum's Plum JamGerald Poelzl
9019Apricot JamSarah Krauth-Apricot JamIngrid O'Connor
9021Fig JamKangaroo Valley Olives
9023Blackberry JamLindsay RedmanAshley Jam-Blackberry Jam
9024Tomato Jam (any flavouring)Irene Dunn
9025MarmaladeKangaroo Valley OlivesLindsay Redman-Marmalade
9026Jam, other than specifiedYvonne Ferguson-Raspberry JamRobert Folkard
9027Collection of Six Different JamsOwen Krauth-6 Jam CollectionKangaroo Valley Olives
9028Apple JellyCheryl Patterson
9031Fruit Butter, any varietyJoan Bray-Lime ButterJoan Bray-Lime Butter
9032Collection, Pickles, Chutney, Relish and SauceKangaroo Valley Olives