Vegetables, Fruit & Eggs

​On display in the Pavilion. Exhibits include ‘Best Collection’ of Vegetables; Salad Vegetables; ​Garden Produce. There are prizes for the ‘Best’ in a wide range of vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey and olives.

Results 2017

No.Class Name1st2nd3rd
7001Best Collection of VegetablesAndrew Havadjia
7003Best Collection of garden produceLauren MurrayAndrew & Alison Havadjia
7005Beans, French 250g.David LoneraganDavid Loneragan
7006Beans, Round 250g.Joshua Gorman
7009Capsicum, three larger bell type.Shirley ScottRoger Arnold
7010Capsicum, three A.O.V.Robbie SharmanShirley Scott
7011Chillis any variety.Shirley ScottLAURIE WATSON
7012Chillis - collection of 3 varietiesFox and Quail FarmGary Moore & Kerri Carlton
7013Carrots, three with tops.Bob DunnShirley Scott
7014Corn, Sweet, three with husks still attached.The Pearson FamilyRobbie Sharman
7015Cucumbers, Apple, three.Robbie Sharman
7016Cucumbers, Long green or white, three.Keith LearnGary Moore & Kerri Carlton
7017Cucumbers, A.O.V.Joshua GormanFig Garden
7018Eggplant, three purple.Kerri Carlton & Gary MooreHeidi Smart
7020Garlic, three (not Russian Garlic)David Loneragan - Garlic ThreeDavid Loneragan
7021Garlic, three largest.David Loneragan - Garlic Three LargestDavid Loneragan
7022Herbs, Collection of kitchen herbs, maximum 6 bunchesGary Moore & Kerri CarltonLesley Emmerick
7027Decorative Display of Kitchen Herbs can include herb flowersmonique daviesIntan Kallus
7029Marrow, Custard Squash.Henry Suffolk
7030Marrow, Vegetable, long green or white.Henry SuffolkGary Moore & Kerri Carlton
7031Zucchini, three.Joshua GormanHeidi Smart
7032Marrow, A.O.V.Heidi SmartGary Moore & Kerri Carlton
7034250g NutsI GoodgerI Goodger
7035Onions, Brown, threeShirley ScottDavid Loneragan
7036Onions, Red, threeRoger ArnoldI Goodger
7037Onions, White, three.Roger ArnoldShirley Scott
7038Onions, Odourless, three.I GoodgerHenry Suffolk
7039Eschalots, dry bulbs 500g.I GoodgerI Goodger
7040A bunch of any member of the onion familyLauren Murray
7043Potatoes, Red or dark skinned, 2Kg.I Goodger
7047Pumpkin, Baby Blue, two.Henry Suffolk
7048Pumpkin, Butternut.John DavidsonFig Garden
7049Pumpkin, Crown.Henry Suffolk
7050Pumpkin, Triamble.Henry Suffolk
7051Pumpkin, Table Queen.Henry SuffolkHenry Suffolk
7054Pumpkin JapHenry Suffolk
7055Trombone Gramma.Henry Suffolk
7056Gramma A.O.V.Henry Suffolk
7057Pumpkin, Queensland Blue or Jarrahdale.Henry Suffolk
7058Pumpkin, Largest Table.Henry Suffolk
7060Pumpkin, A.O.V. Medium (13 - 21cm. diam.)Henry Suffolk
7061Pumpkin, A.O.V. Small (under 13cm. diam.)Henry Suffolk
7062Pumpkins, Collection of 3 varieties.Faye Suffolk
7063Radish, bunch of red.Shirley ScottShirley Scott
7065Rhubarb, six stalks with leaves on.Heidi SmartShirley Scott
7068Squash, BananaI GoodgerI Goodger
7069Squash, Hubbard (green)Henry Suffolk
7070Squash, Hubbard (red)Henry Suffolk
7071Squash, A.O.V.Henry SuffolkRobbie Sharman
7072Largest Sunflower Showing Exhibition Form (still with petals)Robbie Sharman
7073Tomatoes, Best Three (semi coloured to ripe)David LoDavid LoRoger Arnold
7074Heaviest Single tomato exhibitedHenry SuffolkDavid Loneragan
7075Collection of TomatoesRoger ArnoldRobbie Sharman
7076Tastiest TomatoSue WilliamsonRoger Arnold
7077Best Cherry TomatoesKeith LearnBob Dunn
7078Any Vegetable not previously mentioned.Fig GardenFox and Quail Farm
7083Three Granny Smith Apples.Lesley Emmerick
7084Three Red Delicious Apples.Monique MaulEssence of Kangaroo Valley
7086Three Apples A.O.V.Robert Folkard - Three Apples GalaEssence of Kangaroo Valley
7088Three Pears A.V.Lesley Emmerick
7090Three Plums A.V.The Pearson Family - 3 Blood Plums
7091Three Figs A.V.I Goodger
7092Three Passionfruit A.V.Sally HaywardKerry Townsend
7093Watermelon A.V.Henry Suffolk
7095Melon A.O.V.Kerri Carlton & Gary MooreHenry Suffolk
7096Plate of Grapes.I GoodgerFox and Quail FarmI Goodger
7097Any Fruit not specified.John DavidsonKatrina EndeanYarran Cox
7098Collection of FruitI Goodger
7099Six Brown Hen eggsLauren MurrayAngyus Kennedy
7100Six White Hen eggsSue WilliamsonNicholas Chittick
7102Six eggs, A.O.V.Sharni StewartMonique Maul
7103A Jar of light honeyI GoodgerKerry Townsend
7104A Jar of amber honeySimon HarringtonI Goodger
7105A Jar of dark honeyI GoodgerBen Winch
7106A Jar of candy honeyI GoodgerEva Bishop
7107A Jar of creamed honeyI GoodgerI Goodger
7108Section or chunk of honeycomb in a jar submerged in honeyI GoodgerI Goodger
7109One frame of honeycombI GoodgerI Goodger
71102 1/4kg beeswax, white - natural colourI GoodgerSimon Harrington
7130Beeswax, yellow - natural colourSimon HarringtonI Goodger
7111Early Harvest Single Varietal Extra virgin Olive Oil, in a clear bottle,Kangaroo Valley Olives
7112Late Harvest Blend Extra virgin Olive Oil, in a clear bottleKangaroo Valley OlivesAlison BakerKangaroo Valley Olives
7113Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in a clear bottle, harvested in 2016Kangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7114A jar of early harvest kalamata olivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7115A jar of late harvest kalamata olivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7116A jar of whole kalamata olives, flavouredKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7117A jar of early harvest olives - any other varietyKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7119 jar of whole olives, flavoured, any other varietyKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7120A jar of savoury tapenadeKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives
7121A jar of sweet tapenadeKangaroo Valley OlivesKangaroo Valley Olives