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Kangaroo Valley Agricultural & Horticultural Association

The Kangaroo Valley Show is held annually in February. The Show is run and managed by the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association – a group of local volunteers dedicated to preserve the heritage and annual occurrence of the show.

The Association has a long history in Kangaroo Valley. It was created in 1881 and the first annual show of the Association took place in 1886 on a vacant piece of land on the bank of the river at the rear of what is now the Friendly Inn Hotel. In 1888 the Association sought to secure a permanent Showground and accepted the offer of ten acres of land opposite the General Cemetery by Alick Osborne (son of Henry Osborne). This area, now known as Osborne Park, with its picturesque Showground and facilities has hosted the Kangaroo Valley Show ever since.

The Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association is well supported by the local community as well as its many long standing patrons, patronesses and life members. Memberships are taken annually in the lead up to the show.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the running of the Kangaroo Valley Show we would gladly welcome your interest. Please contact any of the KVA&HA Committee Members.

Office Bearers

PATRON: Mr John Walker, Mr R Arnold

PATRONESSES: Mrs E McGuiness, Mrs E H Allan, Mrs S Walker

PRESIDENT: Mr Harold Sharman

VICE PRESIDENTS: Mr J Smart, Mrs Lorraine Mairinger



TREASURER: Ms Janet Bundey

HON. SECRETARY: Ms Lauren Murray

PO Box 6234 Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577
Mobile: 0401 993 452
Email: ahsociety@kangaroovalley.nsw.au
Web: kangaroovalleyshow.org.au

ANNOUNCERS: Mr K Nelson & Mr L Barton

CHIEF BAR STEWARDS: Mr J Smart & Mrs P Sharman

GROUND SPACE COORDINATOR: Mr P Williams, Phone: 0414 272 393
Email: grounds@kangaroovalleyshow.org.au

EVENTS & VENDOR COORDINATOR: Ms Lisa Anthony, Phone: 0400 031 345
Email: events@kangaroovalleyshow.org.au


COMMITTEE: Laurie Barton, Joan Bray, Janet Bundey, Irene Dunn, Geoff Fearon, Rob Folkard, Cathy Gorman, Kathy Harrington, Dee Kelly, David Kent, Lorraine Mairinger, Lauren Murray, Jamie Salkeld, Harold Sharman, John Smart, Gail Trapp, Keith Wearne, Paul Williams, and Stephen Wilson

Life Members

  • Mrs E H Allan
  • Mr R Arnold
  • Mr L R Barton
  • Mr K A Bowers
  • Mrs L Daley
  • Mrs C R Green
  • Mr D Kent
  • Mrs J Luscombe
  • Mrs L Mairinger
  • Mr K L Nelson
  • Mrs D M Nixon
  • Mr H T Sharman
  • Ms L Slater
  • Mr I W Vance
  • Mr J J Walker
  • Mrs S P Walker

Collection of Prizes

All prize money, ribbons, trophies and certificates will be awarded and given out during the show. Prize money for the pavilion can be collected from the show office Sat 12 FEB 2022 10:00am–6:00pm & Sunday 13 FEB 2022 9:00–11:00am. Any prize money not collected will be forfeited.

Collection of Pavilion Exhibits

All exhibits in Pavilion MUST be collected on Saturday 12 FEB 2022 between 5:30pm–6:30pm or Sunday 13 FEB 2022 between 9:00am–11:00am otherwise they will be disposed of.


All animals are on the Showground at owner’s risk and are not the responsibility of the Show Committee.

No horses to be stabled in Cattle Tie-up area or led or ridden on top side of Oval.

All animals shown must have been the property and in possession of the exhibitor or member of household (except where specified) for at least one month prior to the Show.


The Annual Show is conducted under the Rules and By-Laws of the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association Inc. The Committee reserves the right to alter or delete the program as it sees fit.

Accidents and Incidents

Where Waivers are required, they MUST be signed by Exhibitors and Competitors as a condition of entry.

Any accident occurring during the show must be reported to the Secretary or President and verified immediately on the day. The Committee will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused by or through any exhibit; and it shall be a condition of entry such exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident. Any complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the last day of Show.

Any exhibitors intending to bring electrical equipment to the Showground will be required to ensure that such equipment is fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. Any exhibitor who does not comply will not be allowed to exhibit at the Showground.

Competitors agree to participate at their own risk and to indemnify and keep indemnifying the Society against all claims, suits actions or demands which may be brought against it in respect of any injuries or other loss substantiated in the course of competing in any Events.

Promotional material

All promotional material to be handed out only within the confines of your designated site.