Volunteers Needed

The success of the KV Show relies on the generosity of the local community being able to help out before, during and after the Friendly Show.

As you now know it is full speed ahead for the Kangaroo Valley Show on 17-18 February 2023 and we need you. We want to make the 2023 Show a very special event reflecting the positive and supportive community in which we live, share and enjoy.

We invite those who have been looking for ways to help the community to offer their support for the Show which in turn helps to promote Kangaroo Valley as a great place to visit, thus helping tourism in the Valley.

This year we need volunteers to be available to assist in the following areas:


  • Friday 6:00am–8:00pm
  • Saturday 6:00am-8:30pm

An Information session for Gatekeepers will be at 6pm on Tuesday 14th February at the Showground near the Show bar.


  • Tuesday (8th) 1:00pm–4:00pm
  • Wednesday (9th) 9:00am–1:00pm / 1:00pm–6:00pm
  • Thursday (10th) 9:00am–1:00pm / 1:00pm–6:00pm
  • Sunday (13th) 9:00am–4:00pm

Show Day activity assistants (3-hour shifts)

  • Friday 10:00am–4:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am–4:00pm

Show Office

3-hour shifts (from 8am to 8pm) on both the Friday and Saturday of the Show plus help is needed on the afternoons (Monday to Thursday) leading up to the Show. Training will be offered to those working in the office.

Bar Work

If you wish to volunteer for working in the bar, a current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate) is essential. Shifts will be on Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings.

All Volunteer Enquiries

Contact Janet volunteers@kangaroovalleyshow.org.au or text 0409 122 079 with:

  • Your name, email address and best telephone contact
  • Your area(s) of work preference.
  • Your confirmation that you have read the Volunteer Code of Conduct and Terms of Agreement.

Volunteers Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at the Kangaroo Valley Show, we contribute to the success of the Show by:

  • Exhibiting at all times a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring Show attendees and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • Promoting the Show at all times as a fun, interesting and diverse event.
  • Respecting and assisting each other to the best of our ability.
  • Respecting all people we come in contact with regardless of their race, religion, gender, disability, colour or age.
  • Treating all Show goers appropriately, refraining from any abusive, bullying or intimidating behaviour, sexual harassment including any unwanted or unwelcome behaviours
  • Following OH&S practices and policies and health regulations.
  • Ensuring we are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering.

Volunteer Terms of Agreement

  • I declare that I am, or will be at the time of the Show, 18 yrs or older.
  • I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks according to the rostered hours.
  • I agree to contact the Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing a shift.
  • I agree to follow all established OH&S practices, procedures and instructions of the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association Inc which apply to the tasks I have volunteered to perform.
  • Should any injury occur while I am acting as a volunteer at the Kangaroo Valley Show I agree to notify the administrator immediately or as soon as practicable.
  • If I breach the Code of Conduct, I acknowledge I may be relieved of my duties and escorted from the site. Such conduct may also result in denial of future volunteer applications.