Decorate a Kangaroo

Decorate a kangaroo and see it displayed at the Show. The kangaroo is a 120cm x 60cm flat wooden cut out. There are no restrictions as to how you can decorate and embellish the kangaroo however we recommend that there be a level of water-resistance in case it rains. The cut outs will be available from Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts or Glenmack Park from 1st December at a cost of $20.

1500112 years and underJoshua DayMila Butcher
15003FamilyPatricia BishopEmma Chapple
No.Class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
500112 years and underLuke Wright
500213 years and over/adultLesley Crump
5003FamilyYule Family
No.Class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
500112 years and underJulaiha KallusTye Kelly
500213 years and over/adultKirsty Hambrook
5003FamilyQuirk FamilyJulaiha Kallu
No.Class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2200112 years and underTiana KellyTye Kelly
22003FamilyJonathan & Joshua Steele
Decorate a Kangaroo
family Caulfield
Lulu Elsie Violet