Come along and meet our fine feathered friends. The competition is fierce among our usual entrants…clearly they do give a cluck! What’s the difference between a softfeather and a hardfeather?. With so many classes and so many breeds you’re bound to have a favourite. Don’t be a turkey…leghorn it to the poultry pavilion for an avian abundance of fun!

Results 2017

No.Class Name1st2nd3rd
4003Australorp MaleNandini Farm
4006Barnevelder FemaleNandini FarmShayne Earley
4009Langshan MaleJack Ridley
4010Langshan FemaleJason Demetrious
4014Leghorn A.0.C. FemaleMonique Maul
4015Orpington MaleHope Hattley
4016Orpington FemaleCarole Lacey
4017Rhode Island Red MaleJason Demetrious
4018Rhode Island Red FemaleJason Demetrious
4021Silky, White MaleRoz Tugrul
4022Silky, White FemaleRoz TugrulNick Gilvarry
4023Silky, A.0.C. MaleRoz TugrulVincentia High School
4024Silky, A.0.C. FemaleRoz TugrulRoz Tugrul
4025Sussex MaleHope Hattley
4026Sussex FemaleVincentia High School
4027Wyandotte MaleVincentia High School
4028Wyandotte FemaleJason DemetriousVincentia High School
4029A.O.V. Light MaleKevin DavisBen Winch
4030A.O.V. Light FemaleShayne EarleyShayne Earley
4031A.O.V. Heavy MaleKevin DavisKevin Davis
4033Softfeather Pair LargeCarole Lacey
Champion Ribbon Large Softfeather MaleJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon Large Softfeather MaleJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon Large Softfeather MaleJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon Large Softfeather PairCarole Lacey
4042Australian Game MaleWilliam Linger
4043Australian Game FemaleWilliam Linger
4046Game A.O.V. MaleWilliam LingerJack Innes
4047Game A.O.V. FemaleHyaden BrookHyaden Brook
4048Hardfeather Pair LargeWilliam Linger
Champion Ribbon Large Hardfeather MaleWilliam Linger
Champion Ribbon Large Hardfeather FemaleHyaden Brook
Champion Ribbon Large Hardfeather PairWilliam Linger
4049Ancona MaleNowra High School
4050Ancona FemaleNowra High SchoolNowra High School
4055Belgian Barbu d'Uccle MaleA and D Giles
4056Belgian Barbu d'Uccle FemaleA and D GilesA and D Giles
4058Belgian Barbu de Watermael FemaleA and D GilesA and D Giles
4061Langshan MaleJack RidleyJack Ridley
4062Langshan FemaleJack RidleyJack Ridley
4063Leghorn, White MaleVincentia High School
4064Leghorn, White FemaleVincentia High SchoolVincentia High School
4065Leghorn, Black MaleVincentia High School
4066Leghorn, Black FemaleHope Hattley
4067Leghorn A.0.C. MaleVincentia High School
4070Orpington, FemaleDylan Hattley
4075Pekin A.0.C. MaleRoz TugrulShayne Earley
4076Pekin A.0.C. FemaleRoz TugrulRoz Tugrul
4083Wyandotte White MaleJason Demetrious
4084Wyandotte White FemaleJason Demetrious
4089A.O.V. Softfeathered MaleJack RidleyRoger Arnold
4090A.O.V. Softfeathered FemaleRoger ArnoldJack Ridley
4091Softfeather Pair BantamRobert FolkardJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon Bantam Softfeather MaleJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon Bantam Softfeather PairRobert Folkard
4092O.E.G. Black Red MaleHyaden BrookNowra High School
4093O.E.G. Prt,Cly,Wtn FemaleVincentia High SchoolWilliam Linger
4095O.E.G. Blue or Blue/Red FemaleNowra High SchoolNowra High School
4097O.E.G. Spangle FemaleWilliam Linger
4100O.E.G. A.O.C. MaleHayden Brook
4102Modern Game Black Red MaleHayden Brook
4103Modern Game Black Red FemaleWilliam Linger
4107Modern Game A.0.C. FemaleA and D GilesNick Gilvarry
4108Indian Game MaleJack Innes
4109Indian Game FemaleJack Innes
4111Game A.O.V. FemaleWilliam Linger
4112Hardfeather Pair BantamWilliam LingerHayden Brook
Champion Ribbon Bantam Hardfeather MaleHayden Brook
Champion Ribbon Bantam Hardfeather FemaleA and D Giles
4113Cayuga DrakeAmber Schutz
4114Cayuga DuckAmber Schutz
4118Indian Runner, White DuckVincentia High SchoolVincentia High School
4119Indian Runner A.0.C. DrakeVincentia High School
4123Mallard White DrakeVincentia High School
4125Mallard A.0.C. DrakeRoger Arnold
4126Mallard A.0.C. DuckRoger ArnoldRoger Arnold
4127Muscovy DrakeVincentia High School
4128Muscovy DuckVincentia High School
4129Orpington DrakeRoger Arnold
4130Orpington DuckRoger ArnoldRoger Arnold
4135A.O.V. DrakeShayne EarleyBen Winch
4136A.O.V. DuckDylan HattleyDylan Hattley
4137Waterfowl PairShayne EarleyRoger Arnold
4139Goose A. B.Dylan Hattley
Champion Ribbon Large FowlJason Demetrious
Champion Ribbon BantamRobert Folkard
Champion Ribbon Water FowlAmber Schutz
Champion Ribbon Bird of the ShowJason Demetrious